Studio xps won't turn on

A couple months ago I opened my Studio xps laptop (3 years old) and immediately
the "blue screen of death" appeared and then the screen flickered and
went black. When I press the on button the lights at the top of the keyboard
flash like it's going to turn on but then flicker and the computer doesn't turn
on. Nothing is wrong with the hard drive and I have been able to get all of my
information off of it. I've tried to turn it on with the A/C plugged in without
the battery and the same flash happens. Also (and I'm not sure this is
important) a friend tried turning it on with the back off to see if the fan
tried to start and the fan didn't move at all. The entire inside is clean and I
keep the battery charged enough to keep it from dying forever.

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Re: Studio xps won't turn on


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Sounds like a hardware problem. When you turn it on, which of the light flashes? Did you hear any beeps? Try removing devices like hard drives and rams and turn it on. Lets see what will happen. If still doesnt work, possible motherboard problem. Dell can replace parts if its under warranty.

Feel free to add me as a friend if you need further assistance.


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