Touchpad Driver for D420/430 D620/630 M4300 Error


I installed de latest Update for Touchpad Driver, i could get from the Dell Support>Drivers&Downloads Page.
The Version is I installed it, because  before i could not open the Options of Scrolling-Settings and Touchpad-Settings.
Now it works, but the Problem is now: If i wan't to open the External Mouse Settings i geht following Error Messages:

1. Warning
Snypatics Pointing Device: Unable to connect to the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

2.Soon i klick by the Warning OK i get this Error
RUNDLL: An exception occured while trying to run "shell32.dll, Control_RundDLL main.cpl,,0"

This Driver is the latest for the Modells i have:Latitude D420/D430/D620/D630, Precision M4300.
Could you help me?


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