Touchpad Mouse is Randomly Clicking

I have a dell inspiron 1525. super old i know. just recently, my mouse has been randomly clicking on things whatever it is hovering over. 

I have no idea how to fix it. I use an external mouse oftentimes that plugs into my USB port. does that have something to do with it? 

do i need to uninstall the mouse driver and then reinstall it? 

Thanks for you help!

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Re: Touchpad Mouse is Randomly Clicking

Hi Pandamolanda,

Welcome to the Community. I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the Touchpad drivers. To uninstall, click on start, right click on computer, click on properties, click on hardware, click on device manager, click on the + symbol next to pointing devices, right click on Dell Touchpad and click on uninstall, click ok to confirm. Once its removed, do not restart your computer, click on the below link to update to a newer driver, and then restart your computer.


After restarting the computer, if you use the USB mouse on your computer, then you can disable the touchpad. Click on start, control panel, mouse, wait for the touchpad image to appear, and then click on the Image to open up the Dell Touchpad Properties, Click on device select, and you should have an option to check, to disable touchpad when a USB mouse is connected to the system.

Hope this helps.

Thank you


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