Turn off touch pad tap function

I am trying to turn off the touch pad tap function on my Dell Studio XPS laptop, running Windows 7.  The Control Panel Mouse Properties window refers only to controls for a portable mouse, and does not show controls for a mouse pad.  How can I turn off the tap function?

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Re: Turn off touch pad tap function

I had a similar problem with Win7.  Updating the touchpad driver solved my problem.

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John Foll

RE: Turn off touch pad tap function

I forgot that there was a Mouse Control Panel, so I went into it it (I am using Windows 8.1). On the Dell TouchPad Tab, I clicked on the "Change Dell TouchPad Settings", then it loaded Dell Pointing Devices screen: Under the Sensitivity tab I clicked to turn the TouchPad off, and clicked saved, then under the Buttons tab, I clicked to turn off the TouchPad buttons and clicked on save, then on the gestures tab, I clicked to turn off the Gestures then click on save. If you don't do all of these steps, certain things may turn on the mouse touch pad again!

But with my Dell Inspiron 17 Touch screen, the built in dell mouse touch pad is not really needed, or most of the time. I can just touch the screen, which normally works better for me. That way when I am doing a lot of typing in a document, I don't have problems with the mouse moving places, deleting or typing over something that I have already typed. There are probably some instances where you might need the built in dell mouse touch pad, but if you have a real mouse hooked up it would never be needed. With the Touch screen on the laptop, you can do without the dell touch mouse pad entirely, whether you have an external mouse or not. (The problem is that the dell touch mouse pad is right near where you need to type, and it interferes with data entry).