Video card and processor upgrade - Dell Inspiron 1720

Hi to all,

I'd want to upgrade the video card of my Dell inspiron 1720. Now I have a geforce 8600 GT and
for running recent games, such as GTA4, I really think that geforce 8600 GT is not suitable for this games.
I'd want some best performance from my inspiron, I dunno if it is an integrated card or so. Anyone know if it's possible?
I've heard of some miniPCI slot, inside which the video card would be plugged. Is it true?

Is possible upgrade the processor too? Now I've 7500 dual core P4. There exist some best processor?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Video card and processor upgrade - Dell Inspiron 1720

You can upgrade the CPU (any of the 800 MHz bus Core 2s -- but NOT the 1066 MHz units -- should work).

You cannot upgrade the video - while it's a separate card,  it's a proprietary unit and nothing better is made that will fit your system.

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