Vostro 1000 new battery won't charge

I kept getting an error that the system couldn't recognize my battery and couldn't charge it so I thought it was time for a new battery (we've had the computer about 1-1/2 years).  I put the new battery in and saw it was charged to 58%.  The battery is now running down and it won't charge via the cord.  Now I get an error saying the system can't recognize the power supply and some things may not function properly.  There does not appear to be anything wrong with the cord (it's the 3rd one we've had...2 others got ruined and Dell kindly replaced them...the current one is directly from Dell).  Any ideas?  The computer runs fine on the power cord but I'd like to have the battery, too!  Thanks for your thoughts...

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Re: Vostro 1000 new battery won't charge

Try another adapter first - at $35 it's worth a shot.  If it doesn't fix the problem, you're in for a relatively expensive mainboard repair ($150-200 if possible) or replacement ($300-500).


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