Webcam Brightness on XPS

This is greatly frustrating.   On my brand new Dell XPS, I immediately noticed a problem with the brightness levels on the integrated webcam.  Please keep in mind, I have already updated its software so it is all quite recent.

When adjusting the brightness levels on the webcam, there was a difference so miniscule you would have to straing your eyes and think to yoursef, if in fact, it is your own imagination imagining the brightness 'change.'  It is that miniscule, meaning, there is basically NO CHANGE in the brightness levels.  The brightness only seems to increase when the gamma is increased, which increases in 'blotchiness' and flicker.

Also, comparing this to another Dell Laptop (not quite certain on the exact model of it, but it is the large one, with the keypad numbering included, and the design is simple, red, leathery almost smooth fabric texture and simple with the Dell logo on the center) , I placed both laptops side by side.  The other laptop displayed by a GREAT EXTENT much better resolution, no blotchiness, no pixelated images, etc. It was pristine and almost perfect.  Let me just say, the XPS was opposite to this.  When, the XPS was updated for the integrated webcam, etc. and the program was much more advanced and recent.

Which leads to the questions:

-> Are all Dell webcams built with the SAME integrated webcam, which means the quality of the video, etc. streaming, should be the same, yes?

-> What is wrong, is it always like this, or , what?

Main thing:


Please, if anyone can tell me the solution to this, and provide me with answers to these questions, especially the observed differenced between the two  laptops, it will be GREATLY appreciated, ASAP. Thank you so much, in advance.


-Frustrated Dell Customer ( )









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