Where do I find exact drivers for my system

I have a 2 year old Insprion 8600 and the hard drive blew. Got a new hard drive, no problem. Re-installed Windows XP Pro, no problem. Problem is, now the system doesn't recognize my Wireless or ethernet adapters. Because of this I can't even connect to the internet to download drivers. Also, I don't know which drivers to download even if I could. How do I get drivers for my system and how do I know what kind of wireless and ethernet adapters I have in my system?
I've searched all over the Dell site and I can find plenty of drivers. I even found the system configuration for my laptop. However, it does not give the specific manufacturer or model number of my wireless or ethernet adapters.
Help, please,
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Re: Where do I find exact drivers for my system

Note that BEFORE you install these and the other other drivers, you must install the chipset driver and Dell Notebook System Software.

Ethernet driver:


The wireless driver, if not listed under Original Configuration, can be determined from the part number on the card, which is easily accessible under a door at the bottom of the system.
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Re: Where do I find exact drivers for my system

Hey, thanks for the response. I'm getting most everything downloaded to my system. I'm still having a problem with the wireless adapter though. I looked on the card and it does have a model number. However, I have downloaded every driver associated with my system and I cannot get my system to even recognize my wireless adapter. Any ideas?
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