Which Dell Laptop to play Sims 3?

Yesterday morning I saw a commercial on TV  for a Dell laptop for $999.  My daughter just bought the new Sims 3 game and has tried to play it on her Mac laptop, but there is something not compatible about the graphics card.  She has been wanting a PC laptop for a while now, so I told her she could have one soon, but I need one which will run the Sims 3 game.  Apparently, it needs at least 2.4GHz processor speed if running Vista or 2.2 if running XP.  Core 2 Duo is recommended and the graphics card has to be good.

Am I being unrealistic to expect to be able to get such a laptop for under $1500?  Is there a Dell laptop which will run Sims 3?

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Re: Which Dell Laptop to play Sims 3?

The Studio XPS 16 with the Radeon 4670 chip should do the job nicely and with a 3-year warranty should still come in under $1,500.

The problem with the Mac is probably the integrated Intel video - which won't run the game well, if at all.


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