White screen after I log onto my Studio laptop?

I own a Dell Studio 17 (1749). OS; Windows 7. It's a little over 2 years old, expired warranty.

First, my computer froze, and I restarted it. The start up was completely fine, up until I typed in my password. It took a while for it to log me in, and once it did, all that showed was a blank white screen. I tested whether or not it was the lighting, but it wasn't.

So, I restarted my laptop again, logged in, just to find the same results. I tried logging onto another user on my laptop, and the screen just turned grey.

I don't really understand why this is happening. But if you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it, because as of that, I'm not able to see anything on my screen after I log in to my user.

Btw, I didn't create a backup disk because it took so long, and now I regret it because some people recommended to do a restart that completely wipe out all my data. There are programs that took me years to find, and pictures that cannot be replaced.

Thanks in advance!


Also, my computer keeps freezing after 3 hours of usage. It's like that all the time. And I always end up having to reboot it. Is it possible to also help me out with that too?

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Bay Wolf

Re: White screen after I log onto my Studio laptop?

The first thing I would rule out is any hardware issues.  Run Dell's diagnostic program.
How to run Dell's Diagnostics

If that checks out okay, I would look to see if you have a driver/software issue.  Try logging into Safe Mode.  If that works, then you have some issue here.



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