Windows 8 RTM Drivers for Inspiron 1520

Recently downloaded and did a clean install of the 90 day trial of Windows 8 RTM.  Looked through Device Manager and the driver for most hardware components, almost all are native Windows 8 drivers.  When installing Windows 7 before on my 1520, I had to update the driver for the Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT directly from Nvidia's website.  The Device Manager driver info states it's from Nvidia and doesn't seem to be a native MS driver.  Did a WEI performance score test, and the graphics card came back with a normal 5.8 for Gaming Graphics and 4.6 for Graphics (desktop performance), meaning it's got the proper Nvidia driver installed.

Should I install these drivers for Windows 8 and recommendations from where?

Intel Chipset

Intel Matrix Storage Manager or Intel Rapid Storage Technology?  (I have upgraded my hard disk to a Samsung SSD drive, WEI score is 7.7 for Primary Hard Disk )

Ricoh Chipset

Dell Quickset  (the volume seems to be working with the Win8 native drivers)

Synaptics Touchpad

any other recommendations for essential driver updates?

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Re: Windows 8 RTM Drivers for Inspiron 1520

Hi Majestic7,

Since the system was shipped with Windows XP / Windows Vista, drivers available at Dell support site are compatible only with Windows XP & Windows Vista 32-bit. As of now the drivers for Windows 8 RTM are not available for this system at support site.

Driver for Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics card can be installed from Nvidia website as there are Windows 8 compatible drivers. Use the below mentioned link to download the driver:


Run the Intel Driver Update Utility using the following link. It will automatically tell if there is a need to update the chipset, and if so, will prompt you to install Intel Chipset drivers:


Any other device which is running on Windows 8 native drivers, would recommend using it with same instead of searching in vendor websites.

If you have any further questions feel free to reply.

Thanks & Regards
Kalyan S

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Re: Windows 8 RTM Drivers for Inspiron 1520

Thanks Kalyan for the suggestions.  I know we'll have to wait a little bit longer until the proper drivers start to come out for Win 8.  The problem so far with the 64-bit install was the 1520 kept shutting down by itself after an hour.  I reset the power settings to never sleep, etc, then continued with upgrading the drivers for Nvidia 8600m GT, chipset, Synaptics Touchpad, but couldn't update the driver for Intel Rapid Storage Manager (wouldn't allow me).  The problem still persisted.

Recently did a fresh install of Win 8 32-bit, it's running fine now, no shutdown problems.  Everything seems to be working fine with the native drivers from Microsoft, Wifi, graphics card, etc.  Haven't tested the Ricoh card reader yet.  I'll probably just stick with the native MS drivers without doing any updates until problems come up.  Got some feedback as well on Mileski's Inspiron 1520 blog.

Thanks again Kalyan

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