Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 9400

I just installed Windows 8 on my Dell Inspiron 9400.  The laptop seemed to work fine until my son tried to use it to play a simple game on it.  Then we received an error message stating that the video drivers or video controller  were either not installed properly or were out of date.  I tried to download and install new drivers from Dell but it appearsthat  none of the video drivers were compatible with windows 8.  Is there a place that sales either or new controller or where I can get new drivers that work on Windows 8? Should I go back to Windows 7 and if I do can I get drivers that work?



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RE: Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 9400

Hi worldofprods,

Dell has not tested Windows 8 Operating system on this system model. Hence the required drivers are not available. Try installing Windows vista driver in compatibility mode and check.  Some of the features may or may not work. In case it does not work, you will have to roll back to the previous Operating system.

Follow the steps given below to download the driver the compatibility mode:

Download the driver and double click on the file and extract it on the desktop in a folder. Look for setup file in the extracted folder. Right click ‘.exe’ file and click ‘Properties’. Click “install in compatibility mode’. Click on Application and select ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’. Next, click on ‘Troubleshoot Program’. Click on Program worked in earlier versions of Windows. Click on ‘Windows 7’.Click on ‘Start the Program’. Do not hit ‘Next’ until the installation completes. Once the installation completes, click on ‘Next’.

Click on the link below, enter the system service tag and click Submit. Select the Operating system from the drop down list to get drivers for your system model:

Revert for further queries.

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RE: Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 9400

First install the latest Intel Chipset Device Software and Ricoh Card Reader.

Then update the video driver direct from the vendor as Dells driver is heavily outdated. This unit has 3 variants and none of them have drivers released for Windows 8. However as Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are very similar the drivers should install without any problem. Choose your variant:

Intel 945GM: Windows 7 32 bit driver or Windows 7 64 bit driver these work fine with Windows 8 32 bit and 64 bit respectively and I have tried the Windows 7 32 Bit driver on an Inspiron 6400 with Windows 8 32 Bit which has very similar hardware to the Inspiron 9400.

ATI x1400: AMD legacy Driver Windows Vista 32 bit or AMD Legacy Driver Windows Vista 64 Bit. These work fine with Windows 7 and should also work with Windows 8.

nVidea Go 7900: Windows 7 32 Bit or Windows 7 64 Bit. These work fine with Windows 7 and should also work with Windows 8.

Then test the game.

Are you running the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version? Also let us know what wireless card and bluetooth card (if it has a bluetooth module) this system has.

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RE: Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 9400

ATI x1400 card works well under WIN 8.1 32 bit and W10 (prerel) 32b. Not tested 64bit.

Did an install with the ATI Catalist install manager V. 03.00.0616 (Dell R153383) and under WIN 8.1 32b and WIN10 32b(prerel) it works well with resolution of 1440 * 900