XPS 15 L502X nVidia Drivers?



i have jusr recently go one of these laptops with a GT540m the drivers supplied by Dell are out of date 263 and on nVidia website is 275 ... I downlaoded the generic nVidia drivers and ran the installer but it gives an error about Manufacturer Drivers please contact supplier ... (trying to update the Intel Drivers does the same)

Now i know i can uninstall the Dell driver package and then install the nVidia ones however as this has an Intel HD GFX as well for Optimus Tech will this break Optimuse or not ?

Asking as i know on some laptops its the OEM who have to do something to hardware/software to enable it ?


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Re: XPS 15 L502X nVidia Drivers?

Your last sentence is accurate.  First suggestion would be to download and install the new drivers for the GT525M/GT540M cards from Dell if you haven't.  This is version 268.30.

I considered updating to the 270 series driver package from nVIDIA until reading the info on the following page link at nVIDIA's web site.  We probably need to wait for DELL's engineer's to come out with a 270 series update.  The only reason I was considering the update is to have the latest.  However, since I'm have no known issues with the 268.30 driver I plan to wait on DELL.



Re: XPS 15 L502X nVidia Drivers?

uninstall the dell nvidia & intel driver, then install latest driver from nvidia & intel driver, no problem so far.

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