XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

Dell Dissatisfaction letter:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my complete dissatisfaction with my
recent purchase of your Dell XPS 15 L502x model 
laptop. I am Comptia certified for A+ and Network+ operations so I am
very fluent with computer functions, hardware, software, and networking capabilities.
I work for Konica Minola technical support doing software and hardware support
on Laser printers. I will start here by listing the specifications of the
laptop that I purchased. Components are listed as follows:

Toshiba  500GB 7200RPM Hard Disk Drive/ Since purchase have recently replaced with Crucial M4 128GB Solid State Drive

Matshita BD-RE Blu Ray Drive


Nvidia GT540M 2GB GPU and Intel HD 3000

Full 1080P display

JBL speakers

Regular keyboard/Since has been replaced with the backlit at my own

Intel Core I7- 2720QM CPU @ 2.2GHZ /2nd Gen Sandy Bridge

USB 3.0 ports

Intel Centrino 6230 Wireless NIC w/bluetooth


Now Since I got the computer which I have had for
approximately 8 months I have run into numerous problems. When I first got the
computer I was very excited I was finally able to save up enough money to get a
high performance laptop. The laptop worked flawlessly for a while until one day
I was playing a higher graphics video game (League Of Legends) and all of a
sudden the computer crashes. More specifically the screen freezes as well as any audio that was playing through the
speakers instantly became static sounding and continued to play and feedback
through the speakers. This would not reset until the computer had manually been
shut down and rebooted by holding in the power button. After this first
occurred I tried a number of things to attempt to resolve the issue myself. I
first went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers as well as
upated the BIOS to the most recent version at the time. This did not resolve
the issue. I then continued to go through a complete format and reinstallation
of the operating system (Windows 7 64-bit). Continued to test on multiple video
games inluding:  Modern Warefare, League
of Legends, Crysis 2, Skyrim. Issue continued to persist after the complete
windows and driver reinstallation. I also went in an adjusted the Nvidia
Control panel options to ensure that High Performance Nvidia processor was
selected for both my  individual program
settings as well as in my Global preferred graphics processor. The issue
remained.  At that point I proceeded to
call Dell Technical Support. Which I had called for in the past to resolve a
noise problem with the fan, a bad blu ray drive and a bad power supply cord and
let me tell you talking with your tech support reps is a terrible experience.
They do not understand half of what you are saying and are honestly not very
knowledgeable when it comes to computers. One time I even had one of the dell phone support
technicians tell me that the blu ray drive does not connect into the
motherboard. They decided to go ahead and send me out a replacement motherboard
to attempt to resolve the issue. A few days later the technician came out and
replaced the motherboard. This fixed the problem for about another couple of
months. More crashes while playing higher graphics games. I tried going through
and lowering my video settings for each game which caused the issue to occur
less however it would still continue to crash occasionally. I called back in
again to dell technical support at that point and got a replacement motherboard
put in again. This time the computer crashed out while playing high graphics
games right from the start. I called in again and they told me that they would
like for me to send my system in to their support center which I declined
because they stated it would take 2 weeks and that they would moniter the
system and ensure it gets fixed.  I am a
computer technician and perfectly capable of monitering my own system and
testing to see if the issue continues to occur. Not to mention the fact that the
Dell technician that came on site even admitted that they generally get sent
back out often after customer’s have submitted their machines to the dell
service center.  Also I use this computer
on a daily basis and it is necessary that I have this up and running and in
good shape. So I requested they send yet another motherboard to attempt to
resolve it because it had temporarily in the past. This time when the
technician came out I brought some Arcitic Silver 5 heatsync for him to put on
the GPU’s and the CPU because I have now done some online research and
determined that this is in fact a common issue for this model laptop. One
person recommended re-applying heatsync so I tried this. Also another
recommendation was to install a Solid State drive which I have also done and
included another fresh installation of windows 7 64-bit and all the driver
software. The issue still persisted.. So I called back into dell and
they informed me that they would go through and exchange my laptop however they
stated this process takes from 7-14 days. They called me today and offered me
the exact same model laptop however I am apalled again because this issue
seems to be specific to a motherboard/GPU manufacturing defect.   I have
had so much difficulty here between arguing with 10 different dell support
techs trying to get this issue resolved to continuing to have to test this
issue repeatedly and repeatedly and reinstalling operating systems and
purchasing the upgraded hard drive. I’ve honestly had enough at this point.  Basically what this issue boils down to in the
computer is either the motherboard/GPU.  What I want to know from you is first off is this issue going to continue after system replacement with the same model? Is this a specific issue to the Nvidia GT540M graphics? Why can't I get my laptop replaced with a different model due to the insufficiency of these motherboards/GPU's. The whole reason I purchased the laptop was due to the high specs and its capabilities to be able to run these games with ease....At least this was the advertisement.....I have also referenced some links I have located where soo many people are complaining about the same issue. I have also taken a video of the frozen screen with the audio feedback as well as referenced some youtube videos showing the same problem.









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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

I found out NVIDIA 3D driver originally installed on XPS L520X had compatibility issues. Went on NVIDIA site and downloaded latest driver and that stopped freezes and crashes (at least for now). Seems Dell has totally ignored telling us the driver needed updating.
Not sure it will help your issue since your specs are a little dif

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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

I have l502x but with i5-2410m, GT540m, 4GB ram and 1366x768 monitor. I bought it in june and it has worked fine until recently. Now i have random crashes in games (World of Tanks) and only why out of is manually reboot the laptop. When it started i was running the latest beta drivers, now i changed back to 285.62 and the problem is still there.

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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

Hi dear user

My problem is also like you, you feel any pain and i
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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

I have actually tried downloading  the most recent nvidia drivers and that made the issue worse for me. I ended up having to go back to the newer drivers on Dells site to make it crash out less


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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

Dell has dropped the ball on this time and time again on this for me. Kind of why I've been doing everything in my power to diagnose this issue on my own. However now I suppose I am at the mercy of dells support in india unless I want to pay 300+ dollars for their "premium" support in the u.s. which I am wondering wether or not they hold the answer to this problem or not or if there even is a solution other than a different model laptop

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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes


The GT54O is a great mid range video card.  It may not play some of the games you mentioned in their top settings but should come pretty close.  If an exchange has been offered after having these replacements, I would generally suggest agreeing to it.  Yes the exchange is generally like for like, but as I mentioned before you really shouldn't be having these types of issues. If you would like for me to take a look into this please shoot me a private message with the service tag of the notebook.


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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

Hello. I have experienced similar problems while running demanding games on my xps 15 l502x GT540M core i7 2670QM 8GB RAM. After downloading the latest nvidia drivers (available on their site, not on dell`s) AND Intel HD 3000 graphics processor drivers on dell's website, it seems this problem has been solved. I've played Battlefield 3 for hours and did not experience a single crash.

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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

oh and I also updarted the BIOS to A09 via Dell's website

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Re: XPS 15 L502x Game Crashes

I as well have had many issues with my Dell XPS15 laptop and would never recommend it to anyone. After receiving my computer in April 2011 I tried playing Dota (Customer map for WC III) and it crashed constantly. Assuming it may be the game I switched to HON (Heroes of Newerth) and the problem occured there as well, After "x"numbre of manual restarts my computer would no longer work and I called Dell.

My phone call with Dell consisted of an employee telling me I was not co-operating for 2 hours because I would not do a system restore and call back if the problem occured again. I told the employee I had done the restore several times in the past and it is only a temporary fix each time but this apparently was not satisfactory. I was not given the employees name or supervisor when I asked and as a result ended up calilng back to get a different employee. Immediately upon calling back another employee told me the motherboard would be replaced (which I knew it had to be, there are entire websites devoted to this issue) and a supervisor came and told me he knew of the problem. 2 Hours I spent trying to convince an employee it was a motheboard issue and was told that it could not be because a systems hardware test came back positive.

Now, after having my motherbiard replaced my computer crashed last night during gameplay in the same manner as before. I spent 7 months researching a laptop and went with dell over Sager. This is a mistake I will never make again and I want some rectificaiton for my computer crashing after the motherboard being replaced. How can a company justify replacing a faulty product with another faulty product?

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