XPS 17 L702X Problem with TV through HDMI


I have bought an XPS 17 L702X about a month ago and am having problems connecting it to my LG 42 inch HD LCD TV via the HDMI cable. I can get the desktop onto the TV screen, but about every 5 seconds it drops out and the TV goes black. Then it comes back. Then 5 seconds later it drops out again.

I've been reading the forums but can't seem to find anyone with this exact problem. Can anybody offer me any advice?



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Re: XPS 17 L702X Problem with TV through HDMI

Hi Ben,

I am having issues with my XPS 17 not outputing to 2 out the the 3 tv's I have and have been searching through the forums also. Have a look at this post en.community.dell.com/.../19919316.aspx one of the guys mentions that if he partly inserts his HDMI is detects his HDTV but blinks (I know its vaguely related) maybe your port is messed up, have you got access to another screen? the workaround they discovered was to buy an adaptor for the mini display port which will take the HDMI cable..

Hope this helps in some small way.. Let me know if you get it resolved some other way



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