XPS L702x keyboard skin

Can someone point me in the right direction where to get a keyboard skin for this machine.. one that dont cost an arm and a leg. I got a skin for my old inspiron 1520 on meritline .com and it was only like $3. the only ones i have found that may work are over $15 and they dont mention that it will fit this model.

Also would like a sleeve for this, one that stays on it all the time but will zip up for transport protection.

Any help is appreciated 

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Re: XPS L702x keyboard skin



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Re: XPS L702x keyboard skin

I just bought a keyboard skin off of ebay:


For the first time in the 2 years or so since I bought this computer, I can use it properly.  I think it might not protect against a really big drink spill, since it doesn't extend far past the keys, but it will help me use the keyboard without damaging the computer.

Dell refuses to make these $25 items available for their $3500 laptops.  There are reasons for me to be happy with my Dell, but if I would consider not making my next laptop a Dell, a top reason would be Dell's decision on this point.

It's a bit ironic - I buy keyboard skins because I know that the main issues I have with my laptops are that I somehow mess up the keyboard and then am cost work time.  However, when I bought this Dell, I didn't have time and lost track of the matter, so I ended up not getting a keyboard skin.  A month or two later I spilled a drink all over the keyboard and the computer was broken.  I gave up on it and immediately went to Best Buy and bought a replacement but since I had paid for the top-level warranty, I sent the laptop in to Dell.  They fixed it and sent it back and I've been using it ever since:

But they still refuse to make a keyboard skin available fot a top computer like this.

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