dell inspiron M5030 won't turn on

so I have had this laptop for about a year and a half, and at about 10 months of having it, I had to replace my hard drive through dell because of hard drive failure, now I have received a new issue and that is that my pc won't even start. I click on the power, and the power light shows on, on the far left, and you hear the fan start then stop, after the screen is blank and no sound comes on but the light is still on, about 30 seconds later you hear 3 pretty loud beeps. During this time I am still able to open my disk drive. I do not have a warranty anymore but wouldn't mind replacing a small part on it, I have taken it apart and replugging everything inside. It worked for a little bit, about a couple weeks then went blank again. Now it won't start and it has been a couple of months and I have replugged everything in a second time and still nothing, I would like to fix this pc as I use it for practically everything

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Re: dell inspiron M5030 won't turn on

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Please check the link below which would help you resolve this issue:


Kindly perform these steps and let us know, so we can advise you further.

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