eSATA Port and port multiplier on Dell XPS Laptop

I am considering purchasing a Multi bay Hard drive enclosure for my Dell Laptop - XPS (L501X). I would like to plug this in via the eSATA connector, but I am not sure if it would work. I have heard that to connect a Multi bay eSATA external drive via eSATA, you need a eSATA port with port mutiplier, or else you would only see one drive. I was thinking an external drive like the StarTech 4 Drive eSATA RAID Hard Drive Enclosure. Can you tell me the speed of this eSATA port? I might be better with a USB 3.0 Multi bay enclusure?

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Re: eSATA Port and port multiplier on Dell XPS Laptop

The ESATA multiplier on my XPS 1558 has never worked and Dell never responded to any questions on it.  Recently (2 days after the warranty expired)  the ESATA port has changed physically such that no ESATA cable can be physically plugged into it short of using a hammer.  I have resorted to using an esata express card interface but I would use a USB 3.0 express card if I could find one in SEA.  Over the last year with this purchase I have found the lack of Dell support appalling.