file is missing or corrupt

Several weeks ago, my computer encountered a problem and windows shutdown to avoid damaging the computer. When I rebooted my Inspiron 8200 notebook, I received the following error. Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\system32\drivers\isapnp.sys. I also received a memory write/read failure error. I replaced the corrupt file but continued to receive error message. I attempted to reinstall

windows, but received another error message during the reinstall, causing my hard drive to crash. A diagnostic check reveled four uncorrectable errors on my hard drive. I called Dell tech support and was advised to replace the memory and hard drive. I installed a new hard drive and memory and installed windows xp. Unfortunately I encountered the same problem as before with the old drive and memory. What is causing the files to become corrupt and the memory errors?

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Re: file is missing or corrupt

Is the BIOS showing the correct amount of memory you have installed? Did you run the Dell Diags on the whole laptop or just the hard drive and memory?  A couple of things you can try.  One would be to use one memory module only and try it separately in the two memory slots in case one of the slots is flakey.  You could also reseat the CPU.  Keep reporting back so that as many folks as possible can try and help.


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