help, can't get rid of random system-beep

I've got a very annoying system beep I can't get rid of. I've tried everything I could think of, see list below. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. I want to stop the beep!

System: studio 1557 core i7 720qm 4Gb ram, 90W power supply, 9cell battery, windows7

already tried:

  • deactivated beep in "device manager" under "hidden devices" => no
  • deactivated all sounds and turned off speakers => changes volume of beep, but still there
  • deactivated system-beep in (of course updated) Bios => nothing changed
  • unplugged all usb and other devices => still beeps
  • unplugged power, running on battery only => it's so frustrating, the beep won't go!
  • taken out RAM and put them back in => Beep

only problem I can think of:

  • wrong power plug, maybe I should order the 130W one?
  • power is unsufficient for core i7
  • something wrong with windows 7

beeps come up randomly every 1-10min even when system in idle, sometimes 2 beeps in a row, but most often just a single one beep


Anyone got an idea?



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Re: help, can't get rid of random system-beep

Hey, i have got the same laptop with the same problem!!!!

i know how annoying it is!!!!

i have sent mine back to dell twice and have had a bloke come to my house to try andsort it!!!

i only got it back today and its still making that dahm noise!!!!

here is what they done

1st time.changed the keyboard...... no good!

2nd time.changed the motherboard and keyboard again...... no good.

3rd time.changed the keyboard and the ram...... no good!!!!

ontop of all that they have mke me do a clean install of windows 7 TWICE!!!

update the bios and all other drivers!!! oh and it came with vista and it was making the beepbefore i changed it to windows 7 then so it aint windows 7

no good, did you find out whats the problem?

anyhelp would be nice thanks!!!!!!

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Re: help, can't get rid of random system-beep

Omg i have the same laptop and same problem (although i think my beep is only 1 short beep)

havent tried to send it back because i know they wont fix it...

read up on the beep code apprerently its a "bios sumcheck error". No idea what it means tho..........

well since i can't see any fix in the near future i just have to get used to it ... sigh

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Re: help, can't get rid of random system-beep

Beep now gone!

I just got a new laptop to replace the one that beeped all the time. The new laptop is a studio 1558 (same as 1557 but with better graphic card). The issue with freezing screen while watching full screen 1080p videos in Youtube was still there, but can easily be fixed by deactivating "hardware acceleration" in adobe flash.

good luck!

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