inspiron m5030 4 beeps

Hi, Ive had my laptop just under 2 years nothing has ever gone wrong.... until now. I attempted to switch the laptop on it sounded like it was booting but no image then it turned off. I took the battery out and tried again same thing.. I left it 3 hours tried again the windows loading screen came up but the image for windows wasnt there and it got stuck loading windows didnt even let me on the entrr password screen. I tried shutting down and trying again... no image again. I hooked the laptop up to an external monitor and still no joy but it did beep loadly 4 times then paused and beeped 4 times this kept happeing until I switched it off

 i realise that 4 beeps indicate ram failure but laptop only beeps when hooked to an external monitor... is this still a ram failure issue? if so where can i get new ram for it and does it have to be dell manufactured?

Sorry for lengthy message. So frustrated! 

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Re: inspiron m5030 4 beeps


Welcome to the community. I am sorry to read that you are having problems with your notebook. It is weird that you are only getting beep codes while having the system connected to an external monitor.  If it is just a memory problem you should be able to reseat one memory stick and leave the other disconnected. Crank up the system and see if it behaves differently.  Next step will be to test any other memory sticks one at a time. Try to determine if a specific piece of RAM is causing the problem.  If none of the memory made a difference test on the other memory socket, if the memory works good on the one socket but not the other you will need to replace the system board.

If reseating the memory and no combination of memory and memory socket makes a difference and your system is still under warranty shoot me a private message and I will be happy to research service options.

Otherwise if you wish to continue to troubleshoot the next step will be to isolation the system board as much as possible.  Remove all external devices, all cards and disks, remove the battery, and if you are good at opening the system remove the hard drive, optical drive and wifi card. Start the system up again using only the AC adapter.  Do you get an image on the screen now?

If so then you may not need to replace the system board.  Return the hard drive and test again, does the system boot?  The idea here is to use process of elimination by adding one device at a time and testing.  If the system has been booting and you install a device and the problem returns, then it is likely that device that caused the problem to start with.  If you are able to return all devices and the system is now running, then it is likely that one of the devices may have been shorting out the notebook and now that it has been connected correctly the problem has been resolved.

I look forward to reading your response.


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