inspiron product key of windows 8

Hi  i ve bought new dell inspiron.

Bt i ' m not able to find the product key  of windows 8. neither below the system nor in battery compartment.

On checking iwth dell tea they say its injected on mothererboard ??? can any 1 guide how to get that  key.



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Re: inspiron product key of windows 8

Hi Veeru,

Are you facing any issues with the computer? Is there any specific reason for which you require the product key.

It is true that if Windows 8 was pre-installed on the system, then product key will be injected on the motherboard. Even if you re-install Windows, it will not ask for the product key. When the PC is started for the first time, Windows activates automatically. If there is no Internet connection, activation will be retried periodically.

Please reply if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards,
Appu S
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Re: inspiron product key of windows 8

Windows 8 keys are encrypted stored in the Bios installed at the factory.  There are no more COA Stickers due to piracy.

Genuine Microsoft Labels
Genuine Microsoft Labels

Windows 8 now comes with a Genuine Microsoft Label there are NO MORE Certificate of Authenticity (COA) Labels.

See the following examples of labels to look for.

Color-Shifting Ink
The color shift on the label is designed to change from one color to another when viewed from different angles,

making it easy to determine if it is genuine.

Windows 8: magenta to green

Windows 8 Pro: blue to purple

Windows RT: turquoise to purple

"key will be injected" no this is not correct. There are no syringes used.

You could try Belarc Advisor.

I dont know if this shows the key or not.


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Re: inspiron product key of windows 8


Thnks for the support.

There are options "Add features to windows 8 ' when  try to add its asks for windows product key.

There is another issue i m facing on my inspiron.

 it has happened mny times that when i close the laptop screen without shutting down windows,

it goes to standby or sleep mode.

 but it never comes back to normal mode when u open the screen back even if you keep pressing keys or mouse clicks.

 Utlimately i have to shutdown the system using power button.

Please advice .


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