keyboard stopped working

Is there a key on the dell studio 1558 that shuts off the keyboard? Mine stopped working for no reason and I was totally confused. I ended up calling dell because I have three years advanced support. The tech had me shut down, unplug the charger cable,  remove the battery, press the power button for a few minutes, then insert the battery and plug the charger back in. I had to boot into safe mode. The keyboard worked in safe mode so the tech said it was a software problem, but I hadn't installed anything new in a good while. Anyway, I had to unstall the drivers for the keyboard from the device manager, then restart in normal mode and the windows 7 installed the drivers. Yippee, but I still have the nagging feeling that I just hit the wrong key at the top and disable the keyboard as if I was going to use an external keyboard. I am not the best typist on a laptop. Can anybody verify this and clue me in? Smiley Happy

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Re: keyboard stopped working


I am not familiar of any buttons that will turn off the keyboard. If something like this happens again one of the quickest tests is to connect an external USB keyboard to the notebook.  If the external keyboard works fine and the built in keyboard doesn't then you know that there is something wrong with the built in keyboard.

Otherwise, going into safemode and removing the keyboard driver from device manager and restarting can correct software issues that are keeping the keyboard from functioning.


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