****manufacturing mode: level 67 ****

Hi, I have this sevear problem it refuses to boot, and is stuck on this manufacturing mode: level 67

I disassemble my health working laptop Inspiron 9300 to repair the audio connectors and I could get to it so I put it back together again.

Upon re-boot on the first black screen I get this, ****manufacturing mode: level 67 ****

Press Fn-X to return the system to normal running mode.
After about a minute I get
Warning! Battery is on a critically low.
Press F1 to continue.

Internal HDD HARD error!

WARNING the battery cannot be identified.
This system will be unable to charge this battery.
Continuing without F1/F2
ERROR attempting to boot from Onboard NIC
Option ROM copy failed.
Press any key to continue, no response
I tried F2 for and to get in to BIOS and I get to another screen with the chose to boot in to BIOS or system check but I get no response.

This is the procedure for the disassembly / assembly.

Remove the battery pack, taken out the plate, keyboard, LCD, case cover (unplugged the battery first) and unplugged the case cover jack,  now I’m looking at the mother board, taken out the 4 screws holding the board in order to get to the audio connectors because their under the it the 4 screws did not freed the board so I remove the graphics card to see if there is more screws under but their were non so not been able to free the board I stop and had lunch and thing so decided not to go any further so I reinstall the graphics card the 4 screws plug in the COMS battery screw in the case cover add the keyboard, LCD and the cover plate insert the battery pack plug it in and power up then the message  ****manufacturing mode: level 67 ****

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Re: ****manufacturing mode: level 67 ****

What hapent here their is no one in the Dell comunity ever heard of this problem?

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Re: ****manufacturing mode: level 67 ****

Unplug the system and remove the battery.  Hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Then try powering up -- if it won't, you've damaged the mainboard, and you'll need to replace it.


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Re: ****manufacturing mode: level 67 ****

Had a similar problem, except it was "Level [01]". Ran the diagnostics and found that the HD has issues. Was able to get out of manufacture mode by pressing/holding the "fn" key and tapping the "x" key, during start up, while the "manufacturer mode...." message was still displayed at the top of the screen.

I had been the BIOS a few times, and the fn-x didn't help at that point. Neither did a flash. Last thing i did was move boot from HD to the bottom of the list (I'm going to try booting from CD to clone the failing HD to a new one)

While in mfr mode, the laptop (XPS L501X) had the following symptoms:

1. "Manf Mode..." (instead of the Dell logo) displayed at POST

2. Fan running full bore constantly.

3. Key presses produced beeps

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