problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610

When tring to install the Bluetooth drivers the first time on my D610, the computer crashed. I downloaded the drivers from the Dell website R92909.exe and tried installing them. The installation hangs up at 56% after it asks to turn it on, fnF2. Turning it on enables the WiFi but not the bluetooth light. Is there something wrong with the setup?
The installation happily sits there doing nothing for ages, no error messages and the stack status bar (dots) keep updating but not the main status bar. I left it for over an hour with no joy...Will you please anyone help me out..Thanks in advance for your support. Please do reply to my mailbox farooq2k@gmail.com
FYI, I am using DELL D610 with sp1.
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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610

Bluetooth is optional on D610's, confirm in BIOS Setup that you have it installed
in your system.

Toshiba Bluetooth Stack v4.00.11(D) and firmware upgrade v24.22 for Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Modu...

R112482.EXE (click above discription to link to site) not R92909.exe would be the current one
for your system, if you have TM350 installed.

It also includes a Firmware Flash, very important to be sure it is completed
before reboot (may take ten+ minutes).
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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610


Thanks for your prompt reply. Well, as you said, I downloaded and run the mentioned file, and it saying error that, it is not compatible chip support for this system. will you please advise...as I badly need bluetooth to be enable on my notebook. thanks in advance for your support.

cheers, farooq

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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610


You said you had sp1, sp2 would install its own Bluetooth Stack, if it saw a Bluetooth
Reciever/Transmitter onboard. This would block install of the Dell Stack and would
need to be removed and blocked

Check BIOS Setup (F2 on bootup) to see if it is recognized in your system, if not a
check of the hardware would be necessary.

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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610

Dear Art,
Thanks for your prompt reply. Well, I am using XP SP1, and not SP2...Also I checked on CMOS boot, and its shows on the bluetooth tab, it stating NONE. Could you please kindly advise, how to proceed further.
Thanks, Farooq
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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610

Hello Art,
Could you please advise me on the following:
I have downloaded the latest driver for the 350 card. (R112482.exe).
I then proceded to install the said driver. The installation went well and the firmware upgrade on the Bluetooth card was successful. The installation then continued to install the bluetooth stack. This is where the problems starts. The stack installation only goes to 56% and then asks to use fnF2 to enable bluetooth. Using fnF2 does actually make the bluetooth light swith on and off. This however does not have any effect on the installation process.
My Laptop has the following spec:
Model: D610
OS:     XP Pro SP1
Kind Regards,
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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610


check your invoice or enter your service tag on the "Notebooks"; Latitude menu above
and select "Original Configuration" to see if you are supposed to have a card.

If it shows, then you need to telephone tech support for a repair, if it does not,
then look on this site for advice from those who have had to "ADD" Bluetooth to their Dells,
Just don't let anyone sell you a "Dongle" type Bluetooth.


I will assume that with XP sp1 that you do not have the MS Stack on your system.

It is important for you to remove a previous Bluetooth Stack prior to install of another.

First thing to do now is check in System; Hardware, Device Manager and see what is listed under
Bluetooth. If it shows a Driver, see if "UpDate" will allow you to change to v4.00.11(D) that
you just installed, use "Let me choose, have disk" and 'browse' to the location that it was
installed to.

Should that fail, remove it from Device Manager and then go to Control Panel; add/remove and
remove it from there also, reboot and reinstall the new, skip the 'firmware' it should still
be in there.

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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610

Hi Art,

     It seems you are the resident expert on this type of problem, so I hope you don't mind if I ask for a lil assistance.  I have an Inspiron XPS Gen. 2 laptop with the Dell 350 and am having a similar problem.  I had my bluetooth adapter working, but as you suggested in one of your messages, the older Toshiba bluetooth stack was not the best.  I ran the updated drive (R112482.exe) and watched it flash the adapter successfully.  However, when it came time to install the driver, it failed to properly install and is hung at the point were the driver installation asks for you to press Fn+F2 to enable the adapter, even though it already is.

     I took your advice and tried to remove all previous installs of the bluetooth stack, including the one that comes with Windows.  (I am running SP2, my machine came with it already installed.)  However, this failed to work.  I checked the BIOS to make sure bluetooth was still showing as an available device... even though the firmware flash completes, I was nervous that maybe the adapter had died.  The BIOS still showed the bluetooth adapater as available.  Finally, I read that someone else had reinstalled Windows, well I REALLY don't want to have to do this, so I did a fresh install to a spare hard drive.  Lo and behold, the bluetooth adapter both installed automatically as part of Windows, as well as with the new driver (R112482.exe).

    At this point, I must have done something to my bluetooth device installation that Windows is no longer able to accurately detect it.  No bluetooth devices are listed in the device manager, except under Networking there is a "Bluetooth Personal Area Netowork from TOSHIBA - Packet Scheduler Miniport" which I cannot remove.  My guess is some component of the old stack is still installed and therefore is preventing the new driver from working properly.  Any thoughts?




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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610


I used to have a "Bluetooth Network" listed on "Network Connections" that I never used (think that the MS Stack install had put it there)
and I was able to delete it with no adverse effect.

You have nothing under Bluetooth in Device Manager and no listing of any Bluetooth, Dell Bluetooth or Toshiba Bluetooth in Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs?

In your C:\Windows\Inf folder you have Renamed the Bth.inf file to Bth.inf.old. & Renamed the Bth.pnf file to Bth.pnf.old?
(this blocks interference from the Windows Stack).

The 'Hang' at the point were the driver installation asks for you to press Fn+F2 to enable the adapter even though you can see it turn
on/off is usually a symptom of another Stack on the Bluetooth that prevents it being seen.

I have never performed a "Firmware Flash" (or used a TM350 Toshiba system) but did it allow an option to "save" the old firmware?

A non working module would also cause the same 'hang' but don't know if Fn/F2 would still appear to turn it on or what BIOS Setup
would show (assume it is enabled in BIOS).

Going on the theory of a "piece of a stack" causing the problem, I would look for a "Driver Cleaner Utility".

This is something that I have seen mentioned but never seen or used, a Google Search should bring a lot of information
about Driver Cleaners.

On the theory of a damaged BT350 module, a warranty call to Dell would be the best solution for that, I'm sure they would just send you
a new one with a box to return the old one.


edit:- A further thought, on your Device Manager:

System Properties; bottom left of 'General' click "Enviromental Variables"

In System Variables click [New]

Add the following: under Variable name, type DEVMGR

under Variable value type SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES=1

and click [Ok]

Now, when you open Device Manager, under the View menu item, you can click a check for
"Show hidden devices" and see if that shows any Bluetooth Devices.

Also in DM Universal Serial Bus Controllers, the top USB Root Hub is what powers my Bluetooth.
I have only used it to uncheck Power Management "Allow the computer to turn off this device..."
but it also has troubleshooting and driver functions.

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Re: problem with installation of bluetooth for dell d610

Hi all,
I have similar problem. I have a Dell D610 notebook. Recently I installed Windows XP SP2 and the Dell drivers from a Dell Resource CD. This included the driver R92459.exe which installs version A10-RCD of the driver.
Then I downloaded from Dell the latest version available which was R112482.exe. This file also updated the firmware. This firmware update was ok and after that, it starts installing the driver. It fails asking to press FN+F2, which is already done (wlan working ok, blue leds on). Bluetooth is also enabled at bios.
At this point, i was not able to finish the installation. I tried to downgrade to previous version installed, but it also fails at 56% of the instalation, asking to activate bluetooth.
I called the technical support and they gave me some instructions (delete some files in WINDOWS/INF directory, remove entries in the registry, etc) but no success. I asked if this problem has been already reported. Answer is was "Unfortunately I have found no information about your issue and no similar cases were reported to our database" (!!!)
Now. I have no idea what else to do. This guys are suggesting me to reinstall windows. I am just frustrated, because I had to reinstall everything due to a broken hard disk, and I don't want to reinstall again.
I see some people giving some instructions but I am not able to solve the problem. In the device manager I see no Bluetooth device or similar. I add it manually and I get an error that software has been instaled but device could not start or something similar (code 10), which I dont know what it means.
I also have Dell Notebook system installed but nothing changes. I get stopped at 56%.
Can anybody help me please?
Thanks in advance
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