prodreg.exe server busy

Recently, my dell insporon 15 laptop is having a annoying problem. Each time the system boots, there is a dialog box station "Server Busy" and with 2 options "Switch to" or "Retry". Retry does not work immediately, waiting for 30 or so minutes, then the retry will work. The "Switch to" just pops up the menu. This happends everytime. Any idea folks?

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Re: prodreg.exe server busy

Hi JSPBro,

Welcome to the Community. I suggest you uninstall Dell Support Center and reinstall it, to uninstall, click on start, control panel, programs and features, and uninstall Dell support center. You can reinstall it back on to your computer by clicking on the below link.


If this does not work, click on start, all programs, accessories, run, and type msconfig and click ok, click on startup tab on top, and search for a Program that says Dell Registration, or System registration, uncheck that box, click on apply and restart your computer.

Hope this helps.

Thank you


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