"Free PC Health Check" at Dell Solution Station ???

I have a *new* Inspiron N5110 that I've been using less than a month, at least the ninth Dell laptop I've bought.  I got an email yesterday with the subject line, "Keep your PC performing at Its best" with links to Dell's Solution Station, including a "Free PC Health Check."  As I should have expected, what's "free" is only the check, but to fix any errors costs about $40.  On my new laptop, the check found the "overall system status" POOR, with 144 problems found, 139 of which appear critical.  I ran Dell PC Diagnostics, on the other hand, and it says, "All tests passed - Dell PC Diagnostics did not find any issues."  So what's up?  Either Dell PC Diagnostics is worthless, or I shouldn't have to pay $40 to repair so many "critical" errors on a new computer.  Please respond.


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Re: "Free PC Health Check" at Dell Solution Station ???

Whatever you do DON't buy into Dell's Solution Station. My computer crashed due to a malicious malware. I bought System Mechanic which promished to rid it of viruses,etc for around $35. It didn't. Then talked to a Dell tech who said he could analyze my computer for problems but couldn't fix it unless I bought Dell Solution Station ($199 for one year access to tech who would fix anything I needed on any computer in the house). First issue was fixed and documents & pictures (which had been erased in the crash) were recovered. Then other little things kept popping up and I discovered I couldn't delete any of my files or edit photos. Called tech and spent more hours holding the phone talking to someone in India I could barely understand. Some problems fixed. Tech told me I needed an ext. hard drive(which he could send to me for $125 but I bought one for $89 at Office Max) to save everything and then he would restore the computer like it came from the factory. Backed up my computer on ext. drive and stayed on phone with tech in India for hours again. Guess what? Now I couldn't print wirelessly to my printer -- spent more hours on phone and apparently stumped the tech who said he'd call back later -- didn't. I called Solution Station again, spent hours more on phone, got cut off. Tech never called back. Called Solution Station again (different tech) who told me I'd reported 4 major issues with the computer so that was the limit and I'd have to buy Dell Solution Station (but this time at the discounted rate of $110!!!!) and since my computer is out of warranty, a software warranty (?) for $249!!!!!!!!!  That's when my head exploded and I told him I wasn't spending another dime on ANYTHING and my printer better get fixed because it was working before the last tech did something to my computer. He placated me by saying he'd fix the printer - didn't. Said he'd call me back tonight - hasn't. Dell Solution Station is more interested in doing patch jobs and selling you stuff. Hire a high school computer nerd and at least you'll save your sanity! Also, I'll buy a MAC next time.

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