vga output to tv suddenly stopped working

For a couple years now, I've connected my dell notebook computer with windows vista to my tv display with a vga cord.  Then the other night, all of a sudden while watching a movie, it lost connection and I haven't been able to get it working since.

My computer actually detects the TV.  I know this because I go into NVIDIA command center to select the different options (it says connected).  I still get nothing displayed on the TV when I select mirror or extend or external display only.  Driver is a NVIDIA Go force 2400.. something like that.

I've tried everything within display settings.  I've also updated my NVIDIA driver.  I've also checked my device manager.  Still doesn't work.  I know its not the TV or the cable because a different dell laptop works fine with it.  Its just plug and play (like mine use to be).  I can't do a system restore because all restore points are AFTER the date this problem started for me (about 5 days ago).

Help! Thanks!

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