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hope this is the right place...iam running windows vista on a dell laptop.....daughter came to stay the summer and wants to log onto my wireless conection but when she tries it asks for password....how do i find out this password? does not ask for one with my computer when logging on....thanks for any help....

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Re: wireless password

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Wireless password is stored in your Router.  Some Routers have a way of auto assigning a password based on a PIN#


What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) or NETGEAR's Push 'n' Connect?

Cisco uses a USB flash drive "Key"

 Cisco Valet M10 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless Router w/Easy USB Setup Key

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a standard for easy and secure wireless network set up and connections. NETGEAR's products use the name Push 'n' Connect for WPS. To use WPS, your product must support WPS and be compatible with WPA security. WPS can automatically set up a random network name (SSID) and strong WPA wireless security for wireless routers, access points, computers, adapters, Wi-Fi phones, and other consumer electronics devices.

WPS lets you use push buttons or PINS instead of entering a network name (SSID) and wireless security by hand.

  1. Push button: The WPS button is either on the product or a clickable button on a wizard or utility screen.
  2. Personal Identification Number (PIN): The PIN is either on a product label or can be viewed on a wizard or utility screen. The PIN is entered for either the router or access point, or for the wireless device that wants to join the network.


Advantages of WPS

  • WPS automatically configures the network name (SSID) and WPA security key for the router or access point and for wireless devices that join the network.
  • You do not need to know the network name and security keys or passphrases to use WPS to join a wireless network.
  • No one can guess your security keys or passphrase because they are randomly generated.
  • WPS uses the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), which is a strong authentication protocol used in WPA2.
  • WPS has been integrated and supported in Windows Vista (currently, Windows Vista only work in Registrar mode).


Disadvantages of WPS

  • Unless all the Wi-Fi devices on the network are WPS-compatible, you will not be able to take advantage of the ease of securing the network.
  • If your wireless device does not support WPS, it can be hard to join a network that was set up with WPS because the wireless network name and security key are random sequences of letters and numbers.
  • This technology is fairly new, so not all wireless equipment supports WPS.
  • Ad-Hoc mode does not support WPS. Ad-hoc mode is used when wireless devices communicate directly to each other without an access point.


Facts about WPS

  • WPS is a technology controlled by Wi-Fi Alliance.
  • WPS is NOT a security feature – but it makes security features easier to configure.
  • WPS is optional for Wi-Fi Certified products. Check for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup logo or terms on products to see if that the product is WPS compatible.


NETGEAR products supporting WPS

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Re: wireless password

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how do i get into the router

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Re: wireless password

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First try...


Start, control panel, network and sharing center. click on your network, wireless properties, security. click the box, show characters. You should see...

If that doesn't work, the try...


How to login to your wireless router





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