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Gang was disconnected

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On occasions we receive the following error message:

"The previous session was reset because its gang was disconnected"

Does anyone know what this means and how to troubleshoot it?

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Re: Gang was disconnected

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The "gang was disconnected" is a symptom which indicates one or more primary segments' worker processes abort abnormally.

The possible causes vary. EG, max_connections are reached on one segment; primary segments down due to timeout; Postgresql Processes are killed; segment server NIC issue; File system is full on segments; etc.

I suggest you open cases to GP support team with below info:

1. master logs

2. related segment logs

3. gp_segment_configuration output

4. select * from gp_configuration_history order by 1 desc;

5. /var/log/messages on related segment servers

6. df -h on segments

7. Any change you may think related.



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