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HI I am New to greenplum


I am very new to greenplum hence my questions could be very basic but i wanted to know few things:

Is there a complete list of file format supported for Greenplum database?

Is there a deployment avaliable for Microsoft BI on Greenplum?

What are the cloud options available for Greenplum other than Amazon S3 and EC2?


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Re: HI I am New to greenplum

Hi there,

Can you say what you mean about file formats - is it for data loading?  If yes, then delimited text or comma separated values are supported.  Some compressed file formats are also good.  In addition, you can write your own custom formats for fixed format files for example.  It is also possible to develop your own protocols. This is mostly covered in the Greenplum Administration Guide - Chapter 12: Loading and Unloading Data.

I am not familiar with Microsoft BI, but if it can connect over ODBC, it may be able to communicate with a Greenplum Database.

If you are interested in cloud solutions, let me know and I can arrange to have someone contact you.


Brian O'Connell

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Re: HI I am New to greenplum


Regarding the file format that GP supports, from the definition of external table:


               [( [DELIMITER [AS] 'delimiter']

               [NULL [AS] 'null string']

               [ESCAPE [AS] 'escape' | 'OFF'] )]

          | 'CSV'



               [DELIMITER [AS] 'delimiter']

               [NULL [AS] 'null string']

               [FORCE QUOTE column [, ...]] ]

               [ESCAPE [AS] 'escape'] )]

           | 'CUSTOM' (Formatter=<formatter specifications>)

GP supports most kinds of structured data with user-defined delimiter and also custom format(Refer to "Loading and Writing Custom Data" chapter of GP Admin Guide).