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detialed functionalities of pgcrypto

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we make use of Greenplum version . recently we installed pgcryto and its dependant functions. can anyone please explain me the functionalities of pgcryto .

Below are some Scenarios which reaquires clarification from you people.

1. is it possible to insert records into a table in encrypted format ?

2. If Y is the owner of a table A. Y encypts some data of the table A. X has got only select privilege on the table A. can X be possible to decrypt the data masked by Y ? if so, how can we restrict that ?

3. what privileges are required for a user on a table to encrypt the datum of that table ? If multiple users are accessing the same table then how will the encrypt and decrypt functionalty on that table works ?

please guide me on this.

thanks & Regards,


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Re: detialed functionalities of pgcrypto

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Hi Priyan,

As I talked with you in the case note,here is one sample of pgcrypto if you have installed:

template1=# select encrypt('alice', 'aaaa', 'bf');




(1 row)

template1=# select decrypt(encrypt('alice', 'aaaa', 'bf'), 'aaaa', 'bf');






(1 row)

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