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AIX, EMC ODM release notes

I have search powerlink and online support looking for release notes for AIX EMC ODM version, without any luck.

I even downloaded the odm package itself hopeing it would be in the tar file. no.

Can some point me were I can download the release notes for emc odm

thank you

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Re: AIX, EMC ODM release notes


Have a look at the following post:

The release notes are the README files in the same location you would have downloaded the ODM fileset from.  Note the order that you'll want to review them in (starting with README.1st).  If you haven't already, mentioned also in the reply above, you will also want to grab the "AIX Host Connectivity Guide" as it provides installation instructions to complement the README files.

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Re: AIX, EMC ODM release notes

hi jeff6418

you can download the ODM definition from below link. Afeter extracting .tar file, there is a readme file which includes the releasese notes

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Re: AIX, EMC ODM release notes

A customer has difficulty keeping up with their restore requests on their existing backup solution.
Currently each restore requires the backup team to engage and manually process each restore
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Which EMC solution meets the customer’s requirements?

Avamar DTLT

NetWorker with VTL

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