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CX4-240 Connection with VNX5300

  Hi Community,

  we have the below hardware.


1x Sun Sparc Enterprise T5440 - 4 * 8C UltraSPARC 1.2GHz CPU, 128GB  memory, 4 * 146GB HDD

1x EMC CX4-240 Array 15x450GB 10KRPM

9x EMC Exp 15x450GB 10KRPM

  5x 4x2TB 7.2KRPM SATAII


The System Storage EMC CX4-240 base array will be expanded by adding:

  1x VNX5300 Base Array (Block) with 15x600GB SAS drives

  2x VNX 5100/5300 DAE with 13x900GB SAS drives

  2x VNX 5100/5300 DAE with 8x3TB NL-SAS drives


Kindly advise if this applicable ?


Best Regards,

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Re: CX4-240 Connection with VNX5300

Please consider moving this question as-is (no need to recreate) to the proper forum for maximum visibility.  Questions written to the users' own "Discussions" space don't get the same amount of attention and can go unanswered for a long time.

You can do so by selecting "Move" under ACTIONS along the upper-right.  Then search for and select: "Host Systems Support Forum".

You should always first verify that you have a supported configuration by confirming that it has been tested and validated by our E-Lab team.  Each month the "EMC Support Matrix" (ESM) is updated.  It also can provide important configuration considerations/caveats (via footnotes) identified during the testing.

1) E-Lab Interoperability Navigator


You can verify several ways:

a) Scan through the complete dump filtered for you by a general category:

PDFs and Guides > ESM by (select category)

For example, here is the output via PDF filtered by Oracle Solaris


b) Alternatively, preferable since the above PDF can be overwhelming, you can refine the search to just what you own via the "Advanced Query" tab (or the wizard based "Solutions and Wizards" tab).  As an example, using the "Advanced Query" tab, you could build this list by selecting the following:

NOTE: after each selection, click on "Add to Cart"

- Server  >  Host System  >  (specific model)

- Server  >  Operating System  >  (specific version and architecture of OS)

- Storage  >  Storage Array  >  EMC  >  (specific model)

- Server  >  Host Bus Adapter > (specific model)

The exercise here is to refine the search as much as possible so just the relevant matches are returned which, in turn, gives you less to scan through.

c) Once you've provided as much information as you can, select "Get Results"

d) Assuming FC connectivity and PowerPath support, you will be interested the following:

- Host Connectivity > Base Connectivity

- Path Management SW > Path Management Software

e) From the results, if you have a match then your configuration is supported

- Will provide any required OS patches, HBA driver/firmware, PowerPath version, etc.

- Review all annotated footnotes related to the row as it may give you important configuration settings

2) My Documents (customized documents)

You can generate customized documents that provide good general walk-throughs on connecting hosts to the array.

a) http://www.emc.com/microsites/clariion-support/central.htm

b) https://mydocs.emc.com/VNX

3) Host Connectivity Guide

For example, this is the document specific to Oracle Solaris


4) EMC VNX Unified Best Practices for Performance Applied Best Practices Guide

A good read which you'll want to review to optimize your configuration:


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