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Can I mount HP-UX BCVs on a Linux Server?

We are going to migrate an HP-UX-based Oracle Application to Linux.  We are going to install new binaries, of course, but we need to migrate the data.  So, I have some questions:

1.  Some of the Oracle SIDs use mounted filesystems to hold thier data.  The filesystems are LVM LVs in VGs.  Can I "split" the BCV and mount the HP-UX VGs, LVs, filesystems on Linux?  Will Linux read them?

2.  Some of the Oracle SIDs use ASM volumes.  Can I split the ASM BCVs, "activate" them on Linux and Linux will read them?

Our DBAs have already told me that they will need to convert the data with RMAN.  HP-UX is a "big endian" system and Linux is a "little endian" system (or vice-versa).  I'm not asking about that.  I'm only asking if Linux can"read" the HP-UX volume BCVs...


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