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LUN activity monitoring/alerting


I'm trying to determine how I can set up an alert - like if LUN 800 goes over 80% utilization or if LUN 1300 queue depth goes over 5, an email is sent.

Is there a method by which this can be done?



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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

what array ?

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

VNX 5300, 5500 NS-480 & CX3-80

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Re: Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

willing to do some scripting ?

naviseccli -Address vnx5700spa -Scope 0 -User sysadmin -Password blah lun -list -l 437    


Name:  LUN 437

UID:  60:06:01:60:13:1C:32:00:9C:9C:E4:37:2B:7E:E3:11

Current Owner:  SP B

Default Owner:  SP B

Allocation Owner:  SP B

User Capacity (Blocks):  20971520

User Capacity (GBs):  10.000   <-----------

Consumed Capacity (Blocks):  6303744

Consumed Capacity (GBs):  3.006 <----------

Pool Name:  Pool 0

Raid Type:  Mixed

Offset:  0

Auto-Assign Enabled:  DISABLED

Auto-Trespass Enabled:  DISABLED

Current State:  Ready

Status:  OK(0x0)

Is Faulted:  false

Is Transitioning:  false

Current Operation:  None

Current Operation State:  N/A

Current Operation Status:  N/A

Current Operation Percent Completed:  0

Is Pool LUN:  Yes

Is Thin LUN:  Yes

Is Private:  No

Is Compressed:  No

Tiering Policy:  Auto Tier

Initial Tier:  Highest Available

Tier Distribution:

Extreme Performance:  100.00%

I am not sure if you are running "VNX Monitoring and Reporting" i think you can setup some alerts in there but that will cover VNX, it does not support older platforms.

As far as getting queue length, i am not sure about that metric ..poke around in Navicli admin guide.

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

Thanks, dynamox.

I guess I should have been more specific - when I say util%, I mean the Characteristic Utilization (%) as can be seen in the Performance Detail chart from NaviAnalyzer.  Same for queue depth.

Not afraid of scripting, however, I would have thought there would be something in Unisphere/Navi UI.

I'll look through the admin guide.

Is there noone monitoring the performance of their LUNs at the SAN?

If there are, what do you use?

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

for my Clariion/VNX i am using Uni/Navi Analyzer , i archive them every week to an external directory and the delete old archives from SP. This way i can reference older NAR files if someones wants to go back and look at how application "A" performed 3 months ago.  I think you are looking for something more pro-active, real-time ?

We just recently purchased a VNX5600 that comes with a free license for "VNX Monitoring and Reporting". It can monitor VNX2 and VNX gen arrays. I am actually  impressed, it has good performance statistics.

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

Thanks again, dynamox.

Yep, looking for "realtime".  Analyzer/NARs have a "large grained" interval (5min).  The chart(s) have 1min.  I'd prefer 1sec...

I can keep the Performance Detail screen up showing Utilization and Queue Length to get the "per minute" view "realtime", however, I can't watch it 24x7 .  I'd rather have an email/page sent if one of the critical LUNs breaches our internal SLA.

Will "VNX Monitoring and Reporting" do this?

Is there anything that will do this for the NS-480 and/or CX3-80?

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

i have not played with VNX Monitoring and Reporting a whole but EMC offers a free 90 day license, install it and give a shot. I can't think of 3rd party tools for CX3/4 platform ..heard some folks talk about SolarWinds but don't have personal experience with it.

Realtime stats...that's going to be a tough one. I can't remember what the lowest collection value was for Analyzer, obviously it will add more load to CPUs and your archive files will roll-over much faster.

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

For what it's worth, the lowest collection value for Analyzer is 5min (300sec).  This is why I was looking at the Performance Detail chart - it charts every minute.  We have very tight externally facing SLAs here (5sec total time in our environment), thus every ms counts.  I've noticed that (for the SAN) anytime we have a critical LUN go over 80% or that LUNs queue depth goes over 5, it indicates we might start to violate those timing SLAs.  I was/am trying to head that off by sending alert(s) when that/those happen (try to get the machine to tell you something's wrong before something actually is...).

I'll take a look at "VNX Monitoring and Reporting".

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Re: LUN activity monitoring/alerting

It appears that version 1.1 includes (among other things) alerts; even a pre-defined alert for LUN response time:

VNX Monitoring and Reporting 1.1 Released | Hoosier Storage Guy

Even states it's supported for the CX4 - very close - I'll try to test it.

Thanks dynamox!

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