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Migrating a Boot from SAN LUN


I have a boot from SAN LUN on my VNX and will be migrating to Unity. In the past (before me) we had issues with migrating boot from san luns. I'm running Fibre Channel on brocade web tools, and this is a physical Linux Server. What should be the process to effectively migrate a boot from san lun? This is the procedure I think we may just have to do again for the Unity:

Basic boot from SAN procedure:

Setting up and executing Boot from SAN requires performing certain steps on both the server and the storage sides of the SAN.

The basic steps for setting up the system to boot from SAN are as follows:

  1. 1. Establish the physical connectivity between the HBA, SAN switch, and storage subsystem.
  2. 2. Provision LUNs on the storage subsystem to accommodate host images. Create one LUN per OS boot image.
  3. 3. Select the proper HBA port (HBA WWPN) and LUN from which the host must launch its boot image.
  4. 4. Ensure that the appropriate LUN is mapped to the appropriate host server through storage partitioning. It is also required that no other host server can view this specific LUN.
  5. 5. Boot into the host server system.
  6. 6. Configure the HBAs on the hosts to point toward the external storage unit. The HBA BIOS will inform the host that its boot image is now located on the SAN.
  7. 7. Install OS onto the appropriate LUN.

Here we list the requirements and guidelines for SAN Boot:

  • SAN configuration, zoning of boot devices, and multipath configurations
  • Active path to boot LUN
  • Only one path to the boot LUN enabled, prior to installing and enabling a multipath driver
  • HBA BIOS selectable boot, or boot BIOS, must be enabled
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