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Open Migrator Console responding very slow

Hello all,

I am using OM on Windows server 2008 R2 SP1 to migrate NetApp to EMC. I have successfully migrated on couple of servers.

But now on a different server, I am having this weird problem, the OM conosle is responding very very slow.

I have checked the system logs , found nothing important, I have tried disabling all the services except microsoft services and tried to run OM just to make sure if some other service is causing the slowness, but still the OM console is running very slow.

Have anyone encountered this kind of problem?


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Re: Open Migrator Console responding very slow

Open Migrator is a server/client model.  There isn't any requirement to install/run the client on the same host that you are actually migrating LUNs. 

Try connecting to the server with the LUNs being migrated via a separate Console installed on another server/workstation.

Is it any better?

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Re: Open Migrator Console responding very slow

I think the problem was with the server itself, even connecting from a different console also was also slow.

Anyway we finished the migration patiently.

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