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SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

I need to develop SMI-S based access to CLARiiON.
Where can I get the documentation about SMI-S implementation
of the device model and management services?
All the .mof files available in the SMI-S provider distribution are
SMI-S generic and do not contain specific EMC/CLARiiON infromation.
Thanks, Kathy.
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Re: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

Hi Kathy,

I don't think the SMI-S release notes cover your specific question, but if you haven't read them yet, they may help

Documentation/White Paper Library > Software S > SMI-S Provider > Release Notes

SMI-S Provider Release Notes 3.1 A02
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Re: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON


Thank you for your reply. I did read the release notes document.
It does not cover the information I need.
Moreover it sends to E-lab Issue Tracker for more specific information about
open/fixed issues in a provider and the Issue Tracker information search does not have entries like described in Release notes. May be it is going to be updated soon...
What I'm looking for is object schemas/charts describing how SMIS profiles are implemented for Clariion. Known issues database would be of a great help as well.

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Re: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

Hi Kathy,

Try sending an email to and see if they can answer your question.


From: dev_help
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this is the proper forum. Can you refer the user to this address please?



-----Original Message-----
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Subject: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

Hi Dev_Help

We have a customer on our forums asking about SMI-S for Clariion. Are you the right place to answer these questions?
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Re: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

I had a similar issue. The docs are somewhat confusing. I found out that there is a simple way to configure it if using the Solutions Enabler SMI-S kit on WinTel for both SYM and CLARiiON:

1. Mask VCM and 4 GateKeepers from Symmetrix SMI-S Solutions Enabler host.
2. If Managing a CLARiiON and security is enabled:
a. Open Navisphere
b. Expand Tree to view the SP's
c. Right Click on each SP and add the SMI-S Solutions Enabler host to the Agents Tab with the entry of: system@SEHostnameOrIP
On Wintel SMI-S Solutions Enabler Host:
1. Install the SMI-S Version of Solutions Enabler from Powerlink
2. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\EMC\SYMCLI\storbin or add it to the path statement
3. Run TestSmiProvider.exe
4. To Validate connected Symmetrixes:
a. type "ein"
b. type "emc_storagesystem"
5. To Add CLARiiONs:
a. type "addsys"
b. type "y" (yes)
c. type "1" (Default for CLARiiON)
d. type "" (SPA IP Address)
e. type "" (SPB IP Address)
f. hit enter to proceed
g. enter the username (a local windows SAMDb user works)
h. enter the password (for local SAM user above - shows in clear text)
i. hit "2" (IP)
j. hit "2" (IP)
k. hit enter to exit after validation
6. To Validate Symmetrix and CLARiiON connectivity:
a. type "ein"
b. type "emc_storagesystem"

You should now see both the SYMs and the CLARiiONs listed in the cmd window.
Now from a SMICLI you should be able to connect with:

Provider Name: SESMI_HostNameOrIP
Port: 5988 (Default)
Namespace: root/emc
Username: LocalOrDomainAccountWithAccessToSESMI_Host
Password: for above account

- Steve
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Re: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

For the VNX, the steps are almost the same. But the path is C:\Program Files\EMC\ECIM\ECOM\bin

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Re: SMI-S provider for CLARiiON

Moved thread to Solutions Enabler area.

Mark Foreman
Open Systems Forum Admin
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