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Windows 2008 R2 MPIO to PowerPath

Hi all,

i have some questions about an enviroment with a Windows 2008 cluster R2 and MPIO feature enabled and i hope to get some answers

on cluster's nodes we have enable MS native MPIO feature (no DSM configured) to connect drives to a clarion cx480, i know that MS MPIO supports only fail over on the paths to clarion and NOT load balancing options, it is possible to enable load balacing on MPIO using EMC DSM on MS MPIO? do you know a guide for this?

the second major think in mind is how i can transist/migrate MS MPIO to PowerPath? which is the order to do that? uninstall mpio from active node and just install powerpath? does the drives on the active node will stay on line? do you know an official guide for this job?

our target is to offer on the cluster's nodes full EMC features services like "failover on paths" and "load balacing" also!

thank you all for your time!


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Re: Windows 2008 R2 MPIO to PowerPath

MPIO does support load balancing on Windows 2008 & 2008 R2. Load balancing is NOT supported on the CORE versions of 2008.

Please read the "EMC Host Connectivity Guide for Windows" for more information on the options available as there are restrictions with Native MPIO.

It is available on http://powerlink.emc.com  .

No you cannot use the EMC DSM with native MPIO. PowerPath installs the EMC DSM and will only work with PowerPath.

If migrating to PowerPath, I would recommend that you move all resources to the other node, offline devices in Disk Management, then uninstall the MPIO feature, reboot, complete the uninstall in Features.

Then do a PowerPath install and reboot the host.


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