Applications post Sysprep

Hi, I have certain applications that need to be run after Sysprep. For them which options should I choose:

a. Additional Synchronous Commands or First Logon Commands? Software does not have any customization just needs to be installed

b. All of the applications are .msi and not .exe for e.g. one of the silent installs is:

msiexec.exe /i "C:\Apps\ps-pulse-win-5.3r1.1-b755-64bitinstaller.msi" /qn 

How can I convert this into a command under Image Assist? All the apps are located under C:\Apps


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RE: Applications post Sysprep


Anything that needs to be run after Sysprep and does not require customizations, the best option is First Logon Commands.

In regards to converting to a command under Image Assist, if multiple applications, run the commands through a batch file and start/ with commands.  

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