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Computer naming - Windows 10

The Dell Image Assist computer name options do not meet our in-house naming SOP.  I have tried running a powershell script via the unattend.xml, (First Logon Commands).  Not having much success.  Anyone else out there have a better method?

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RE: Computer naming - Windows 10

Hi Shenry1452, in order to advise you well it would be good to have some more info on your naming convention to see what we can and can't do for you. In this case I think it would be good if you can send an e-mail to our helpdesk describing your request in more detail please add a example to it. Or you can of course contact them by phone as well.

You can find the appropriate e-mail address/phone number for your region via the link below;

Dell | OS Imaging Support

Best regards,

Hendrik Rijkens

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