Dell Image Assist testing on a laptop

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Hi, we needed to test the Dell Image Assist onsite with a laptop. I understand we can do this using a USB drive. Where do we need to put the cab files for different models on the image? At what point in Image Assist install do we point to this location?


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RE: Dell Image Assist testing on a laptop

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The USB key created with ImageAssist contains a folder named "dell_driver_packs_local" which is where the family driver packs will be placed, downloaded from the ImageAssist web page. The driver packs are ".zip"files and do not require extracting the contents, the driver pack cannot be renamed and also not placed in a subfolder of the driver folder.  The WIM to be restored for verification can be on the USB key or another separate drive.  If wanting/needing to place the WIM on the USB key, created with ImageAssist, is formatted FAT32 then it will need to be split through the WIM splitter provided within the ImageAssist tool.  To bein the restore process, boot from the USB key, with the family pack drivers staged in the driver folder, select the restore icon, navigate and select the WIM or SWM, then the tool will do the partitioning.  Once the partitioning is complete, all that would need to be done now is to select the restore button at the bottom right and the ImageAssist tool will pull the drivers and install the correct drivers from the family pack for the platform/model restoring to.

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