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Can i use the gtx1050ti with my inspiron 620s?

Hi, i have this pc from the 2013 and it works perfectly fine but the thing is i want to upgrade it to play some games and i wanted to see if i can use the gtx1050ti because i dont know the compatibility and i dont know a lot about computers, it has a i3-2100 4gb ram and its a inspiron 620s, and i wanted to upgrade to i5 and maybe get more ram and ssd can i get it?

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Re: i wanted to upgrade to i5 and maybe get more ram and ssd

good thinking. The i3-2100 is too weak for gaming. i5-2500 or 2400 is considered sweet spot and i7-2600 even better.

620s is slim so gpu upgrade needs to be low profile short bracket.

620s stock psu is 250w.  Nvidia recommended psu for 1050ti is 300w.

basic psu calculator says the same Recommended PSU Wattage: 299 W

you would need to upgrade psu which is not super easy in the slim desktop.  here is one 435w psu upgrade option.




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