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Dimension 4600 graphics card replacement

Good Morning everyone.

I could not find what might be an appropriate section for my question. I am hoping for the best here. 

Last year I pulled out my old Dell Dimension 4600 out of storage. Pentium 4 2.4ghz with hyperthreading on a 02Y832 motherboard. I gutted it and put in all new ram, two new drives, a new hard drive with fresh install of windows xp home edition sp3 32bit, two new lcd monitors and upgraded the original power supply with a new corsair 450 watt unit.

I turned the machine into a dedicated chess machine (as I have tons of software from chessok.com that runs best on xp) and some of my favorite retro games. I love the machine and it beats sending it to the landfill. 

As part of the upgrade I replaced the original mx440 (still have it and works fine) with an Nvidia Geforce 7600gs. I got it used on ebay and the fan was bad. I ended up replacing replacing the fan but it is going again and now I get stuttering on startup and sometimes during a game. So, I am assuming the card is starting to go.

I went on ebay and purchased a brand new Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT. But with this GT I can get nothing but a blank black screen. Nothing at all when this card is installed. Not even the dell splash screen that would allow me to get into the bios or boot up in safe mode.

I have perused the Dell message boards pretty extensively and it seems that this machine should be able to handle the GT card pretty easily. It is an agp card with 512mg's of ddr2 ram. I have posted this question to bleeping computer without any results and I am hoping someone here may have an answer.

I currently have put the GS back in the machine until I can sort this out.

Thanks so much




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Re: Dimension 4600 graphics card replacement

Okay, so after perusing numerous message boards for days I think the issue is that I need to update the chipset drivers but I cannot find them on the Dell site and I am not 100% sure that the intel driver won't mess me up.

This is the driver I downloaded to update the chipset but have not yet tried to install it.


The intel board id's do not match my board i.d. and I am not sure if that matters. My board is 02Y832. The chipset is i865P/PE/G/i848P. I think this might work but if anyone knows where on the dell site I can find it or confirm the driver update would work without destroying my board I would really appreciate it.


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