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Re: Dell Dimension 8300 diagnostic lights won't stop blinkin

@Jvillarrealn1970 wrote:

Hello Chris 

I changed the battery and got a solid YYGG pattern,  so according to the chart it indicates bad memory.  it is very strange since i have four 1GB and i have tried each one on the first socket, and none of them make the PC boot.

it is strange that all of them became bad.  i'll try to get a "clean" module and test with that. 

any other ideas?... thank you

Did you press/hold power button for ~30 sec after unplugging PC and removing the motherboard battery? Then strip it down to 1 RAM module in slot 1 (closest to CPU), and only then reinstall the battery and attempt to boot.

If you didn't do that, the error might not have been cleared in BIOS and it won't recognize the change in the amount of installed RAM (4 GB>1GB). So you still might get the YYGG error.

You might give that a try before going any further...


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