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Frequently crashing Dell Precision T1700

Hi everyone, I'm having a serious problem with my Dell Precision T1700.
It keeps crashing, usually when any USB pen drive is connected to it. After it crashes I need to disconnect and turn off the PSU, do the power reset (sometimes couple of times) and then it usually starts working.
I've tried to disconnect most of the components including all drives and USB front panel ports and it's still happening, definetly most of the time when a USB pen drive is connected (I'm in a process of testing the PC without any USB pen drives connected to it).
Does anyone know what could be the problem or what is the next thing that should be tested? I did some research and after a lot of testing it seems to be down to faulty PSU (or the 24pin to 8pin adapter), the motherboard (which would be the worst case) or the 24pin to 8pin power adapter connector from Amazon that I use with my Antec 550W Plus PSU (original Dell's PSU has only two connectors, one 8pin for power and one 4pin for CPU).
Could it be caused by that generic 24pin to 8pin power adpater?
Is there a decent budget PSU (at least 550W) that would be compatible with Dell's 8 pin mobo power port?

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Just a quick update; after installing latest BIOS and chipset drivers - it's still crashing, even without a pen drive connected to it


Which form factor, SFF or MT? Maybe I missed it, but did you mention the version of Windows?

Did you look in the Windows Event Viewer for any errors around the time of these crashes?

You might want to remove the add-in video card and connect your monitor to either an onboard DP or VGA port, and run it for a while.

Have you reseated the RAM modules in their slots? Have you removed all RAM modules, except the one in DIMM1 and see if it works without crashing? Then swap each of the other modules into DIMM1 and test. If they all work in DIMM1, test each of the remaining modules, one at a time, in DIMM 2, etc...



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It's a medium tower desktop running Windows 10.
I checked Windows Event Viewer and it shows Kernel-power Error 41.
I've tested and reseated RAM and it didn't help.
I would remove the GPU, but I have 2 monitors and TV which I use everyday and I won't be able to connect them all using motherboard's graphic card.
I still think that it may be the PSU 24 to 8-pin adapter that I'm using. I would get a proper converter from Moddiy, but because of the covid it can take up to 2 months for a delivery to UK.


@woyteck23  - Kernel-power Error 41 is a generic error. It just means the PC turned off without being shut down normally in Windows. In other words, it crashed. Any other error listed around time of a crash?

I understand you need the add-in video card to use multiple monitors, but you could remove it and just test one monitor to see if the PC still crashes - or not...

At least that might tell you if you're heading in the right direction, and let you use it, but with only one monitor, pending delivery of that converter...  One monitor working reliably is way better than random crashes with multiple monitors connected...


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I've installed back the original Dell's PSU and the graphic card that I bought it with (Nvidia K2000) and it works perfectly fine, hasn't crashed again, what I actually expected. But I really need to be able to use a better GPU (like my GTX760) and that PSU will not support it. It's either the 24 to 8 pin converter (most possible in my opinion), PSU (rather not since it's a good brand and it worked fine with my other computer) or the motherboard.
I will probably order a proper adapter from Moddyi (but again it may take up to 2 months for a delivery to UK because of the lockdown) and then test it again with my Anker PSU and GTX760 GPU and if it still keeps crashing I will probably sell the desktop with original parts (which all work fine) and get something different (lesson learned to pay attention what connectors PC's MoBo has :), as I need a PC with better GPU for occasional gaming. Thanks again for all your help

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