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Graphics Card Power Cables - Male to Male

I have an Inspiron 3910 that I love, but does NOT support 4k graphics natively from integrated UHD 770. 

So, I bought a graphics card which requires an external power connector.

I have a male 8-pin power supply cable but my card has a 6 pin male connector.

I need a Male to Male power cable adaptor (8 to 6)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Can you upload a picture of your psu factory label and connectors?  If you have a 300w psu it has 8+4 pin white and 6 pin black connectors.  The black 6 pin is PCIe for video card.  If there are 3 brown (or purple, yellow) +12V wires and 3 black ground wires in the 6 pin, it is effectively an 8 pin. You can use a straight 6 to 8 pin adapter from Dell or other to convert it to an 8 pin black connector for video card.

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Here's a picture - the first picture is a male for the graphics card



This picture is the power connector which to me looks female

(but now that I look at it - looks like it may be female)?




I may it seems that I want male to male - 


But, if the pictures show I have a female 8 pin, and a 6 pin female connector...

then I just need an 8pin (male) to 6+2 (female) = suggest what type of cable does this?


no worries of male and female as it can get confusing.  the connector plastic can look male but the pins inside may be female.  as long as it is standard you will be fine.  video card uses plastic socket type connector   power supply uses plastic plug type connectors.  these are standard. 

your psu has an 8 pin black PCIe plug while your video card has a 6 pin socket.

if your psu PCIe is a true 8 pin, not a 6+2 pin that can be split apart, you would need an adapter that converts an 8 pin plug to two 6+2 pins plugs.  use one 6 pin for the your video card and leave the other 6 pin unconnected.




PS your situation is different from the other scenario I was thinking of (converting psu 6 pin for video card 8 pin).

the Dell 6 to 8 pin adapter would convert a psu 6 pin PCIe to an 8 pin which you can plug into a video card 8 pin socket.   this does not apply to you.


yes, it is a standard 300w power supply...





what is the Dell DP/N for this 300w psu?  it seems to have white 6+4 pin and black 8 pin PCIe.  a picture would be helpful to community.


DP/N 0V0YN7 


thank you.  this is a new psu that we do not have a picture or spec yet.  I will pass it on to users looking for this psu.

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So, after somebody suggested that I try to break apart the PSU 8 pin - that worked.

and have my graphics card working correctly (and with 4K UHD) - thanks for all help!


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CPU 4+4 is NOT GPU  6+2




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