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Inspiron 24-3455, no boot

When I turn it on, the Dell sign comes up it turns and then a blue screen comes up saying there is a problem. It then goes to a black screen where it says it's resetting it for me then it goes back to a blue screen and does nothing.

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Re: Inspiron 24-3455, no boot

Always mention version of Windows in your posts.

Reboot and immediately press F12. Look for the option to run diagnostics, including RAM and extended hard drive. This can take a while so have patience. Copy error message(s), if any.

Assuming no errors and if this is Win 10, turn the PC on and off immediately as soon as you see that blue screen start to appear. Repeat that at least 3 times and Win 10 should boot to recovery mode after the 3rd cycle.

Assuming that takes you to the Automatic Repair screen, click Troubleshoot then Advanced Options and then Startup Repair. See if that can fix it.

Post back and let us know if that worked...


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