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Inspiron 27-7775, LCD is blank


I had this AIO for just over 18 months now. In the last 2 months, I have experienced issues of display, which I can't understand, now it becomes a constant headache.

When I power up, the display stays blank and I can't see anything. I have tried to plug a HDMI monitor and it works sometimes, now it doesn't. So I am plugging in an Asus Type-C LCD screen via Type-C port, which works from time to time. Why the main display won't work and stays blank? I don't use multiple screen at all.

Please help.



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Re: Inspiron 27 7775 Display

The Dell downloads show AMD graphics controller.  There have been some display issues with older drivers so install the latest driver (there is a September 2018 driver on the Dell Downloads) and see if this helps.


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Re: Inspiron 27 7775 Display

I reinstalled the machine few months back with factory reset, now it happened again. I can connect a type-c monitor or hdmi monitor but the primary display has no display/blank/dark. Please advise.
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